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Junctiv helps you harness your business data.

Get deeper insights. Connect the dots and drive your business forward.

Make your data work harder

Graph databases show you how to sell more, plan ahead and make your customers love you.

You can literally see meaningful connections in your data. See the business opportunities that your tables, dashboards and spreadsheets are hiding.

Get value out of your data, just like the biggest names in business

Amazon, Walmart, and eBay use graph data to improve the customer experience, plan for the future and increase sales. But today, many growing businesses can take advantage of this technology.

Graph databases have proven to be very effective in:

  • Operational or supply chain optimization
  • Risk analysis
  • Organizational change management
  • Digital commerce analysis and security
  • Sales optimization
  • Technology infrastructure security and planning

Is a graph database solution right for your organization?

Make smart decisions

Easily manage and understand your data. Discover connections and enable faster queries than from traditional databases. Use your data to improve the customer experience.


Plan more effectively

See risk and opportunities that may exist in your business operations. Allow non-technical users to visualize data and make better informed decisions within business.


Scale up your data, scale up your business

Start small. Take simple projects and seamlessly build upon them. Take snapshots of your data as graphs evolve.