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Organizations are under increasing pressure to provide actionable insights from operational data even as datasets grow larger and more unwieldy. The often require solutions that determine the connections between data points and derives appropriate cogent conclusions. Sometimes it requires the combination of organizational knowledge with the operational data to identify gaps or opportunities.

In these situations, Graph databases are part of the solution. They allow data professionals as well as end users at every level to exploit the potential of their data relationships rather than just individual data points, and the only limit to how those relationships might be harnessed is the imagination of the database user.

Graph database use is continuing to grow rapidly and also becoming accessible to more than just Fortune 500 companies who have already begun to realize significant competitive advantages from this tool. 

How do graph databases work?

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Is graph technology the fuel that’s missing for data-based government?

Today, graphs are used in a wide variety of government contexts. Graph databases have been deployed to address everything from ...
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Introducing the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark

Neo4j announced today the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark, an integration tool to move data bi-directionally between the Neo4j Graph ...
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Graph Databases Gaining Enterprise-Ready Features

Graph database vendors are broadening their applications by adding enterprise-focused features to help customers who are dealing with the burdens ...
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5 graph technology applications in healthcare

At some point in time, all users of social networking applications such as Facebook or LinkedIn have been pleasantly surprised ...
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Neo4j advances machine learning compatibility for its graph database

Graph database developer Neo4j Inc. is upping its machine learning game today with a new release of Neo4j for Graph ...
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Do graphs have the power to stop coronavirus-related cybercrime?

Coronavirus aid is a big target for cybercriminals. With the pandemic moving so fast and funds being issued so swiftly ...
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AI use cases in healthcare for Covid-19 and beyond

During the Covid-19 crisis, hospitals and healthcare companies have been rushed off their feet in trying to take care of ...
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Your Life Is A Graph, Look At It That Way

With online learning becoming the norm, many teachers in the U.S. use an instructional content platform called Newsela to assign ...
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Open source code is on the front lines of COVID-19 fight

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a crisis like no other. More than 10 million cases have been reported by the ...
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Graph Database Use In Fraud Detection

More and more companies are using graph databases to solve a variety of data problems connected to the data network, ...
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Air Force Cyber Weapons Factory Moves Ahead with Blockchain Project

The Air Force has awarded a follow-on contract to blockchain startup Fluree to use its cryptographically secure database tools in ...
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How Knowledge Graphs Can Help Asset Managers In 2020

There are many ways to define a knowledge graph. At its most basic, a knowledge graph is a large network ...
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