Graph Database Use Cases & Real-life Examples

Graph databases are incredibly flexible. Companies such as Walmart and eBay recognized early on the competitive advantage graph technology could provide, simplifying the complexities of online customer behaviour and the relationships between customer and product data. 

If you’ve only recently been introduced to graph databases, you may not even realize how prevalent the use of graph technology already is across every industry. As the trend continues, new applications of it continue to emerge. 

We have curated a list of graph database use cases and examples so you can explore how graph database systems are put to use in real-world applications. Unleash your imagination!

How does graph database work?

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Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains

As governments and health care agencies work to stop the spread of Covid-19 and to treat those who are infected, ...
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The power of open source to fight Covid-19

As someone who has spent his entire career in open source, I’ve been closely following how open source is being ...
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How graph databases can help small businesses go places faster

Rik Van Bruggen, regional director at Neo Technology, discusses how an exciting new technology can improve the management and tracking ...
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How HMRC is using data to reduce risk for the UK’s COVID-19 schemes

When the realities of COVID-19 finally took hold for the British government back in March, one of the first responses ...
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Using graphs to develop a deeper understanding of COVID-19

For more than three years, at DZD (Deutsches Zentrum für Diabetesforschung), the German Centre for Diabetes Research, we have been ...
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Re-building fragile global supply chains with graphs

By Amy Hodler  The fissures Covid-19 has exposed just how fragile some of the key building blocks of globalisation really are ...
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Community detection of the countries of the world with Neo4j Graph Data Science

WRITTEN BY Written Tomaz Bratanic While I was waiting for my sourdough to rise, I thought, the best way to ...
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Harnessing graphs at the heart of the telecoms industry

Find out from Jesús Barrasa, Global Director of Telecoms, why leading telecom players are using Neo4j in their next generation ...
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Businesses can extract information from semi-structured and unstructured data to enhance the efficiency of their daily operations by using named ...
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Graph Databases: The Key to Groundbreaking Medical Research

Neo4j’s Alicia Frame explains how life science researchers can exploit graph databases to get truly granular insight into big data ...
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The World’s Leading Companies Use Neo4j to Manage Supply Chains, Boost Resilience and Ensure Business Continuity

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Neo4jⓇ, the leader in graph technology, announced a surge in demand from ...
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Seven technologies and trends the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate

By Paul Gillin Crisis plants the seeds of ingenuity, and as the world struggles out of the COVID-19 pandemic and ...
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