Graph Database Use Cases & Real-life Examples

Graph databases are incredibly flexible. Companies such as Walmart and eBay recognized early on the competitive advantage graph technology could provide, simplifying the complexities of online customer behaviour and the relationships between customer and product data. 

If you’ve only recently been introduced to graph databases, you may not even realize how prevalent the use of graph technology already is across every industry. As the trend continues, new applications of it continue to emerge. 

We have curated a list of graph database use cases and examples so you can explore how graph database systems are put to use in real-world applications. Unleash your imagination!

How do graph databases work?

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Detect Corona Virus Spreading With Graph Database Based on a Real Case

This post will detect the corona virus spreading based on a real case that took place in Tianjin, China. In ...
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Why the Graph Database Can Bring New Efficiencies to the Grid

Those who work in utilities know all too well how complicated it can be to live and work in a ...
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Detect and Prevent Fraud Using Graph + Machine Learning

Learn how Graph Technology + Machine Learning can help to identify risk and fraud patterns in order to quickly respond ...
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Analyzing Congestion Interdependencies of Ports and Container Ship Routes in the Maritime Network Infrastructure

Events, such as prolonged congestion in ports or unavailable ship routes in the maritime network, often initiate cascading congestions that ...
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Graph Database – Top Use Cases

Graph databases are a rising tide in the world of big data insights, and the enterprises that tap into their ...
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Minimum Spanning Tree Application in the Currency Market

Paper has been inspired by the minimum spanning tree (MST) methodology originally used in the field of stock returns. The ...
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An Application of Minimum Spanning Trees to Travel Planning

Travel in Papua New Guinea is quite expensive compared to many of its neighbouring countries. On the other hand Papua ...
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